Quadriplegic, 49, Petitions Court to End His Life

A quadriplegic who says his life is a "living hell" may find out whether he can starve himself to death as early as next Friday.

Lawyer John Hammond requested Western Australia chief justice Wayne Martin hold a bedside hearing next Friday for his Perth client, Christian Rossiter, 49, at the nursing home where he's in 24-hour care.

The Brightwater Care Group has lodged an application seeking advice on whether the nursing home should continue feeding Rossiter, despite his wish to starve to death.

Speaking through a tracheotomy tube, Rossiter said he wasn't afraid of dying, just the pain.

On Thursday, Rossiter told Perth Now that Australia should adopt Switzerland's euthanasia laws and allow people freedom of choice in their right to live or die.

"I'm hoping the courts won't force them (nursing home staff) to sustain me,'' Rossiter said."This is living hell. I used to be a cyclist; I used to be a keen walker. I bushwalked around the world ... I've rock climbed in Yosemite Valley in California up very steep cliffs. . . .I want to have the food withdrawn.''

Hammond said his client's wishes should be respected.

"He wants to die now, not tomorrow, not next week, but he wants to die now and he wants to die without pain,'' Hammond said Thursday.

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