Grieving Husband in Pain After Wife's Ashes Stolen

An Australian man says he's had his late wife taken from him twice after her ashes were stolen from his home in Brisbane by heartless thieves.

Amanda Carter was just 25 when she died of skin cancer in 2007. Since her death, her husband Jay Carter and son James, 4, have treasured her ashes, keeping them inside a small plastic container locked in a safe at their home, The Courier-Mail reports.

Carter, 37, who is still dealing with the death of his wife, said he was devastated after thieves broke into his home at Brisbane this week and stole the safe.

"I was angry and then I get upset, I'm hurt," he said.

"It had so much in there, our wedding certificate, birth certificates, jewellery, engagement and wedding rings, bracelet, money, a wedding DVD, honeymoon DVD, engagement DVD, photos, a DVD she made for James before she died."

Amanda Carter's mother, Tracy Eather, said she was shocked that the heartless thieves would take her daughter's ashes.

"It just feels like she's been taken from us again," she said.

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