Sources: LaGuardia Airport Bomber Has No Idea 'Why He’s in Trouble'

The homeless man charged with toting a fake bomb into La Guardia Airport, setting off mass chaos, had been hospitalized for paranoid delusions in June and has no idea "why he's in trouble" now, sources said yesterday.

Scott McGann, 32, also recently was suicidal, his mother told cops.

"He doesn't know why he's in trouble," said a source at Bellevue Hospital, where McGann, a former Web consultant, was undergoing a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation yesterday.

"He understands being in a hospital because he knows he does have problems, but the situation in the court and the cops and correctional officers ordering him about are confusing him.

"He doesn't believe he committed a crime."

Another Bellevue source said McGann — who has been described as "superintelligent but socially dysfunctional" — was previously in the hospital from June 4 to 11, when he was "paranoid delusional and had a persecution complex."

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