Miss Universe Australia Flees Giant Crocodile Attack

Miss Universe Australia Rachael Finch met some crocodiles during her Northern Territory visit Thursday and had to run for her life when a 16-foot croc named Eric lunged at her.

The stunner told theNorthern Territory News it was an incredible — yet scary — experience.

She said it was one of the more unusual events she had been involved in since being announced winner of the pageant in April.

"As soon as I saw him move I got nervous," she said as she laughed about her brush with the huge animal.

The bubbly beauty visited Crocodylus Park in Darwin to meet some of the biggest crocs in captivity.

The park was established 30 years ago and is home to more than a thousand crocs from hatchlings to massive adults.

Finch left Darwin last night to begin her trip to the Bahamas where she will represent Australia at the international finale of Miss Universe in August.

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