U.K. Father and Son Jailed After Using Illegal Chinese Immigrants to Launch DVD Piracy Scheme

A father and two sons who used dozens of Chinese slaves as part of Britain’s biggest DVD piracy operation, were jailed for up to six years each today.

The “sophisticated” gang, which made millions of dollars, hid behind a “veneer of respectability” by importing hi-tech equipment from Asia

Khalid Sheikh, 53, and sons Rafi, 26, and Sami, 28, used it to copy the latest box office hits like 'Ice Age 2,' 'The Da Vinci Code' and 'Iron Man' to “the best industry standards possible.” The gang would then sell the new releases on street corners for a few dollars, sometimes well before the films were available in cinemas.

The court also heard how the family, who were all claiming benefits, also reproduced so many porn and bestiality films that some sex film shops were driven out of business.

The work was done by a staff of largely illegal Chinese immigrants working in a string of cramped factories using semi-detached houses scattered across London. The operation had enough raw materials to copy hundreds of thousands of DVDs.

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