Berlusconi-Linked Prostitute Says Italian Prime Minister Offered Her Seat in Parliament

The prostitute at the center of the a scandal involving Silvio Berlusconi says that the Italian Prime Minister offered her a seat in the European Parliament.

Patrizia D'Addario made the claim in an interview with a French newspaper following the release of audio tapes and transcripts last week that purportedly revealed intimate conversations recorded while the couple were having sex.

Berlusconi was criticised strongly this year for proposing a string of attractive female candidates with no political experience, including a soap opera actress and a contestant on the reality-television show Big Brother, to run in the European Parliament elections held in June.

After an outcry led by his estranged wife Veronica Lario, all but one of the women, Barbara Matera, were dropped from the ballot for his People of Freedom party.

In the interview published yesterday, D'Addario discussed an occasion late last year when she was invited by the businessman Gianpaolo Tarantini to attend the prime minister's official residence.

D'Addario said that the only guests were Berlusconi, Tarantini and about 20 young women.

“It was obvious to me that we were all escort girls," she said. "Mr. Berlusconi asked the girls if they'd like to work in television, go into politics or to take part in Big Brother" a show aired by one of his television channels.

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