Published July 19, 2009


• "Sesame Street" debuted as a pioneer in children's educational television.

• Beatle star and legendary musician John Lennon and wife Yoko Ono spent their days in bed, staging two separate "Bed-Ins" for Peace protesting the Vietnam War.

• Charles Manson began his terrorizing "Helter Skelter" murders, becoming a vicious symbol in American crime history.

• "Build Me Up Buttercup" topped the musical charts, along with "Sweet Caroline."

• "Oliver" won Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

• Barbara Streisand and Katharine Hepburn tied at the Academy Awards for Best Actress.

• In the Emmy Awards, NBC's clumsy special agent, Maxwell Smart, won over American fans with his infamous shoe phone in the Outstanding Comedy Series' category with "Get Smart!"

• The median household income for American families was (current dollars) $8,389.

• One gallon of milk cost $1.10.

• A ticket to the legendary Woodstock music festival cost $6.

• A gallon of gas would cost you an average of 35 cents.

• The Federal debt was $365.8 billion.

• The unemployment rate was 3.6 percent.

• You could buy a new house for an average price of $27,900.