Baby Survives as Pregnant Mother With Swine Flu Dies

A pregnant London woman who became seriously ill after contracting swine flu gave birth before dying, it emerged Friday.

Another baby, aged six months, is understood to have died in the capital after becoming infected, as have two adults.

The 39-year-old pregnant woman, who died at Whipps Cross Hospital on Monday, is one of four new swine flu fatalities to be identified in London, taking the total in the capital to 10. Her baby, who was born extremely prematurely, is fighting for life in intensive care.

The woman was understood to have been left a paraplegic after a car crash a number of years ago. Relatives of the woman, who is thought to be originally from Bangladesh, are said to be looking after her five other children.

The rate of reported illness in London, the worst-affected part of the country, is far exceeding that expected in a typical winter flu season, reaching epidemic levels.

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