Dog Survives With Fork in Brain for 3 Days Before Going to Vet

A puppy survived having a barbecue fork stuck in his brain for three days before a vet was able to pull the prongs out.

Smokey, a 12-week-old Chihuahua was playing at a family gathering Kentucky when an oversized fork snapped in half on a grill and sent the pointy end flying through the air before it embedded in the dog’s head.

The distressed dog ran off into the woods with the fork still sticking out before owner Hughie Wagers could react.

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It wasn't until two days later that Wagers found Smokey whimpering in the undergrowth and rushed the pup to Cumberland Valley Animal Hospital, in London, Kentucky, The Daily Telegraph reports.

"When we got the x-ray up it was clear that this fork was not in the skull cavity, or behind the eye, it was in the brain," Dr. Keaton Smith told the newspaper.

"Smokey had been out in the woods for two days with this in his head and we really didn't know what would happen when we pulled it out, it was a 50-50 (chance) if he would make it.”

Smokey has made full recovery except for losing some muscle control in his right eye and eyelids, causing him to squint.

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