Teen Sucked Into Pool Pump Dies, Family Says Lifeguards Ignored Pleas for Help

The father of a U.K. boy who died after being sucked into a pool pump at a resort says lifeguards accused his family of "playing jokes."

Nathan Clark, 14, died after lifting a grill in a pool at a Thai water park in an attempt to retrieve his goggles.

He was sucked into the pool’s pumping system and it took 30 minutes for pool engineers to check the pump room.

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When they did, Nathan’s body slid into view of the engineers and his horrified father, who claims lifeguards ignored his pleas for help.

He claims the lifeguards thought his family was "playing jokes" because the grill was locked and would have been "impossible to lift."

"When I finally forced them to do something they went to the pump room, opened a hatch and my son's body came out," the boy's father said.

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