Elizabeth Taylor Sought Out Same Doctor Who Treated Jackson, Says Doc's Pal

A close friend of Michael Jackson's personal physician says Dr. Conrad Murray picked up another top-flight celebrity patient just weeks after he left his practice to travel with the King of Pop — Elizabeth Taylor.

But a representative for Taylor told FOXNews.com that the screen legend denies the story, calling it a "blank blank blank lie."

The Rev. Floyd Williams told FOXNews.com he was sitting with Murray in his Houston office in early May when the doctor received a phone call from Taylor ’s secretary.

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“I was sitting right there with him when the telephone rang, and I’ll tell you we were in the middle of talking about him going on tour (with Jackson),” Williams, 80, told FOXNews.com.

“Then Miss Elizabeth Taylor herself got on the telephone! On the telephone with Dr. Murray! Miss Elizabeth Taylor!

"Now how about that!"

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According to Williams, “Miss Elizabeth Taylor said to Murray , 'I understand that you’re going to be Michael’s personal physician in London ?'

“Yes, I am.”

“Would you be my personal physician in London ?”

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And Murray replied yes, Williams said.

But when asked for comment, Taylor 's publicist, Dick Gutman, told FOXNews.com:

"This is [ Taylor 's] personal statement to you: 'It's a blank blank blank lie.'"

Taylor, 77, who has a history of serious health issues and has recently been seen using a wheelchair, was planning to accompany Jackson, her longtime friend, on his series of 50 comeback concerts in London this summer. The screen legend was packing her bags to attend the opening show when she heard the news that Jackson had died, she wrote on Twitter on June 26.

Williams said Murray reacted calmly to Taylor 's call.

“Oh please, Dr. Murray treats millionaires all the time, flying to Washington and New York , he is a big deal you know," he said. "He’s not some nobody — he has some very high profile patients. He is always cool as can be.

“But as for me, well, I couldn’t believe it! Miss Elizabeth Taylor! She’s a superstar!”

Williams says the phone call came about two weeks after Murray had finally accepted the offer to be Jackson ’s personal physician.

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He said Murray was hesitant at first about abandoning his cardiology practice and his patients, but had come to see the tour as a chance to free himself from debt, much of which was related to his Houston clinic, which serves a poor community. It had become a money pit, Williams said, but Murray kept it open by taking out a series of loans.

“This was supposed to be his way out of all that,” Williams said. “He could make his money and come back to his patients.”

Concert promoter AEG Live was paying Murray $150,000 a month, staring in May, to be Jackson 's personal physician, Murray ’s attorneys said.