EPA Investigates Pet Flea, Tick Medications Linked to Dangerous Side Effects, Death

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is investigating the pesticides used in pet flea and tick control medications after receiving reports about dangerous side effects, including death, myfoxdfw.com reports.

According to the agency's Web site, the investigation mainly includes spot-on pesticide products, which are generally sold in tubes or vials and are usually applied between a pet’s shoulders.

While the EPA said these products can be useful for treating and protecting people and their pets from fleas and ticks that can transmit disease, the agency now recommends precaution. People should watch their pets closely for any adverse reactions.

Pet owners across the country have reported side effects including skin irritation, seizures and death, the EPA Web site says.

One North Texas pet owner said her four dogs got serious chemical burns from Sentry Pro XFC even though she followed the directions on the back of the box.

Bertha Brisneo said three of her dogs have since recovered, but her pug Winston is still sick.

"Winston was a chubby little pug and he's losing weight. He's getting thin and we're concerned because we have to hand feed him. And when he does eat he vomits," Brisneo said.

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