Court Bans Father 'Fixated' on Son's Weight From Weighing Him

A court has banned an Australian father from weighing his son.

The Family Court also prevent the dad discussing the 9-year-old's weight with, or within earshot of, the boy, the Herald Sun reports.

The man, who lives in Victoria, Australia, could face sanctions including fines or jail if he breaches the order and a series of others set by the judge.

Justice Nahum Mushin imposed the restrictions at the end of a bitter 16-day custody hearing where the child's health was a major flashpoint.

The court heard the dad is fixated on the fact his disabled son's weight exceeds 88 pounds, and he blames his ex-wife for the blowout. The father — who can't be identified for legal reasons — accused the mother of allowing the boy to watch too much television, eat fatty foods and exercise little.

He was concerned the child's weight was having an impact on the effectiveness of various medications. The boy suffers from a range of medical problems.

The mother accused the man of putting the boy down over his weight, and of using his size as a reason to criticize her.

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