Big Surprise: Men Find Thin, Seductive Women Most Attractive, Study Finds

When it comes to the question of who's hot or not, research has found that beauty is skin deep for men and in the eye of the beholder for women.

The study by psychologists from a North Carolina university has found that men are much more likely to come to a consensus when defining what they find attractive in the opposite sex.

The study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, also found it's not just money and security that lures many attractive young women to far less attractive older men, The Courier-Mail reports.

Wake Forest University researcher Dustin Wood polled 4,000 men and women, ages 18 to older than 70, on how attractive they found the subjects of a range of photographs of people of the opposite sex.

The people in the photos were ages 18 to 25. The study, perhaps not surprisingly, found men's view on the attractiveness of different women was defined by physical features, with women who looked thin and seductive getting the highest ratings.

Men also were particularly attracted to women who appeared confident.

Women showed a more diverse range of responses, with some rating particular men very attractive while other women found the same men not attractive at all.

The researchers said the findings had implications for further understanding eating disorders and why women feel greater pressures to conform to a perception of physical attractiveness.

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