Court Documents Show 'Real Housewives' Star Was Involved in Kidnapping Plot, Drug Deals and Prostitution

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" lightning rod Danielle Staub has a much more sordid past than she's copped to on Bravo's hit reality show.

Staub, 46, has only admitted to an arrest and to changing her name — after she was exposed in "Cop Without a Badge," a 1995 book about her ex-husband that featured prominently on the show

But according to explosive federal court records posted yesterday on, she was far more deeply involved in a kidnapping plot, a $24,000 drug deal gone bad and an "escort service" than she admitted to on the show.

Danielle has always said her criminal record — which dates back to 1986 — were the mistakes of youth. But the details of the charges against her outlined on official papers are substantial.

Staub, then known as Beverly Ann Merrill — but using the alias Angela Minelli — was arrested along with Daniel Aguilar, whom she met while working for an escort service, according to the reports.

Staub was a courier for Aguilar, who distributed narcotics for a Colombian drug family, the papers say, including delivering a kilo of coke to a young customer when she was ripped off by masked gunmen.

Danielle was eventually sentenced to five years' probation (Aguilar got 15 years in the slammer) and was ordered into a drug treatment program, according to papers filed in US District Court in Miami.

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