Boy, 4, Survives Meningitis, Loses Arms, Legs

Harley Slack’s parents did not think their 4-year-old son would survive meningitis.

The boy’s arms and legs were amputated after he developed septicemia and his heart quit beating on three occasions, London’s Daily Mail reported.

But Harley refused to quit fighting, and his parents, Adam and Samantha, are going to help him lead a normal life despite his disability, they told the newspaper.

“He came so close to dying, we now just want to give him the best chance in life,” said Adam Slack, 20, from Stockport, England.

Slack described how his son went black “from head to toe” when the septicemia set in. His symptoms started with a sore throat and high fever. Harley will likely have to remain in the hospital for the rest of the year.

Harley will be fitted for artificial limbs, Slack added.

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