Obama Nominee Not So Transparent

A quick trip around Hannity's America...

Conflict of Interest

We've all heard President Obama preach about the importance of transparency, but one of his nominees is singing a different tune.

The Washington Times is reporting that criminal defense attorney Paul J. Fishman — who has been nominated to serve as the U.S. attorney for the district of New Jersey — is refusing to name more than half of his clients claiming that information is confidential.

A White House spokesman said if Fishman is confirmed he plans to recuse himself from cases involving his former clients.

Well, that's comforting. I guess we'll just have to take his word on exactly who those clients were.

A Liberal Legend

It's almost hard to believe that until now former President Bill Clinton has never been featured in Liberal Translation. But now, Bubba makes his debut, speaking at a Democratic fundraiser last weekend in Indiana.

Let's see what words of wisdom my good friend Bill Clinton had to say for his party:


BILL CLINTON, FORMER PRESIDENT: Hillary and I spent our whole lives in public service swimming against the tide that has gone out.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Swimming against the powerful tide of ethics and accountability has been tough.

CLINTON: But now we Democrats have to say OK, America, we're tired of reminding you how bad they were.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Now it's time for us to remind you just how bad we can be.

CLINTON: You gave us the ball. And we're going to run with it.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: You're just going to have to deal with the results.

CLINTON: And we want to be judged by simple tests. Did we help to form a more perfect union?

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: You know I'm an expert on forming "unions."


Congratulations, Mr. President, on your big debut. Now that you're back in the news and working for the U.N., I bet we're going to be seeing a lot more of you in the near future on Liberal Translation.

Taking a Stand

In President Obama's Cairo address he spoke of the right of all Muslim women to wear the head covering known as the hijab. Now another Western leader is attacking the burqa, the more conservative head-to-toe covering that is worn by many Muslim women.

The New York Times reports that in a speech Monday before parliament, French President Nicolas Sarkozy threw his weight behind a drive to eliminate burqas from France.

Sarkozy said, "The burqa is not a religious sign. It is a sign of subjugation... I want to solemnly say that it will not be welcomed on our territory."

President Sarkozy supports what is now a cross-party initiative in France to study the burqa and how to prevent its spread.

Retail Sales Cooling

If you live in places like the Northeast, you might not know it by looking out your window, but summer has arrived. And as a recent analysis from Reuters News Service points out, all of this rainy, cold weather has taken a bite out of the sales of very popular summer items like swim wear, sandals, bottled water and even beer.

In fact, Al Gore and his pals might be surprised to learn that this has been the coldest June in over 27 years here in the Northeast.

It sounds like our ailing economy could use a little bit of that global warming right about now.

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