Baby Not Expected to Survive Becomes Child Model

Handsome toddler Bradley Pike has bravely battled a series of deadly illnesses and become a child model at the age of 3.

Doctors twice told Bradley’s mother Diana, 28, that her son would not survive the night, but the blond-haired boy refused to give up the fight for his life, and has now been snapped up by a modeling agency.

"He's my little walking miracle and every time he smiles my heart skips a beat," said Donna Pike Chadwell Heath, Essex. "When I look at his beautiful happy face it's hard to believe that this was the same child lying in an incubator and covered in tubes. His face was black and blue and his head had swollen grotesquely large."

At just one-week-old Bradley suffered a near-fatal brain bleed after being born 13 weeks prematurely. He weighed only two pounds. Bradley also survived chronic lung disease, chest infections, meningitis, a broken septum and septicemia.

At one point, Bradley’s head swelled to three times its normal size and doctors said he would die within hours.

But Bradley beat the odds and after three months in the hospital, his parents were able to bring him home. For the most part, the toddler remains healthy.

When a visitor to the home suggested Pike send her son’s picture to a modeling agency, she did – and now he graces the covers of catalogs.

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