Family Says Doctors Tried to 'Euthanize' Stroke Victim

An investigation has been launched after the family of an elderly stroke victim claimed hospital doctors tried to end his life.

John MacGillivray, 78, from Auchterarder, Scotland was admitted to Perth Royal Infirmary after suffering a stroke on May 22.

Two days later, his family was told by hospital doctors he would die within hours.

"We just couldn't believe it," his daughter Patricia MacGillivray told Sky News. "When he was admitted to the hospital on the Friday he was still able to move around and feed himself and suddenly here we all were being told 50 percent of his brain was dead and he was definitely going to die ... and to prepare ourselves to say our goodbyes. It was unimaginable. All too much, too quickly, too soon."

Unable to believe the prognosis, the family started questioning the medication doctors were giving MacGillivray.

The family learned that rather than giving MacGillivray stroke medication, doctors were giving him anti-seizure medication to "sedate" him, even though he had never had a seizure.

The MacGillivray family instructed doctors to immediately stop all medication.

Within two days, Patricia MacGillivray says her father recovered and was recommended for stroke rehabilitation treatment. Four weeks later he was back home walking around his garden in Auchterarder.

"The only conclusion we can draw is that they were trying to euthanize my father," Patricia MacGillivray said.

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