Transplant Tragedy: Mom Dies Giving Kidney to Daughter

A mother's decision to give her daughter a kidney has ended in tragedy.

Penny Halbish, wife of former Australian cricket honcho Graham Halbish, died a day after giving her daughter Suzanne, 29, a life-saving kidney.

Suzanne returned home in good health Monday, but is reeling from the shock of losing her 62-year-old mother.

A devastated Graham Halbish, former chief executive of Cricket Australia, was by his daughter's side at home in Heatherton in Melbourne, Australia.

He paid tribute to his wife of 40 years.

"She made a tremendous impression on everyone she met," he said.

In a heartbreaking note published in the Herald Sun, Suzanne wrote: "Mamma, the most loving, caring, selfless mother ever. I will miss you forever. I am so proud to be your daughter."

The risk of a donor dying through a live kidney transplant is very low. There have been 3,931 kidney transplants in Australia since 1966, with only one other death occurring in 2006.

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