Australian Man Tasered Up to 28 Times, Dies

Police in Australia are to review how they use Taser guns after the death of a man in Queensland who was stunned possibly as much as 28 times by one of the powerful electronic weapons.

Antonio Galeano, 39, an amphetamines addict, collapsed and died 15 minutes after being stunned by a 50,000-volt Taser gun during a confrontation with police in Brandon, near Townsville in far north Queensland last Friday.

Police said initially that he had been shot three times, but data recorded on the Taser gun has shown that it was triggered 28 times. It is unknown if Galeano was hit by all of the electric shock bursts.

Galeano had gone on a naked rampage just days after being released from a psychiatric hospital. According to police, he was threatening to harm himself and officers so they tried to use pepper spray on him.

When that had no apparent effect, they Tasered the man, who collapsed and died while still in handcuffs.

Ian Stewart, the Queensland Police deputy commissioner, said police were investigating whether the gun used in Friday’s incident was defective.

He said that police had no guidelines on how many times a Taser could be fired in one incident, and a joint Crime and Misconduct Commission and police ethical standards command investigation will look into whether there needed to be a cap on numbers of firings.

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