Missing in Action

All right, you've probably noticed by now who hasn't appeared on my show yet: the president.

Now, I have to be honest, he's been everywhere else today to talk about health care today, seemingly with anyone with a pulse today.

Just not here.

Just not with me.

He was on pretty much all the other news networks — all the other business networks. But, like I said, just not us: not our news network, not our business network.

Now, we could have lived with that — just not this: The president popping up, of all places, on ESPN with my closest look-alike in broadcasting, Tom Arnold.

Then, to add insult to injury, the president hops to my arch-nemesis "Sponge Bob."

Then, I kid you not, to "Dora" — yes, the "Explorer."

But the president could and did go without me: Even if it meant talking to animals instead of me. Avoiding my "World," my planet, for something called "Animal Planet." President Obama barking orders loud and clear there — just not here: Not FOX, not Cavuto, not ever.

Fortunately my colleagues at the Wall Street Journal did score an interview; I hope they passed along my question: "Why do you hate us so much, Mr. President? Because we challenge you or because we won't worship you? Or both?"

We aggressively went after the last president on all his financial rescues and spending and while I'm sure he didn't love us, he didn't avoid us. Quite often he talked to us.

As did the guy before him — a Democrat, last name "Clinton."

I know we're not catfish or piranha. We're just the most popular business broadcast in America, Mr. President. Which means the combined audiences you reached on TV today don't match the one audience you could have addressed today: this audience, for this show, on this network.

There's nothing fishy about my numbers. There's something very fishy about you dismissing those numbers — and us.

So, touché for those guys getting you. Touché for fish everywhere now loving you. But "Dora," Mr. President? "Dora"?

That hurts. That really hurts.

Neil Cavuto serves as senior vice president, anchor and managing editor for both FOX News Channel (FNC) and FOX Business Network (FBN). He is anchor of FNC's Your World with Cavuto - the number one rated cable news program for the 4 p.m. timeslot - as well as the FNC Saturday show Cavuto on Business. He also hosts Cavuto on FBN weeknights at 8 p.m. In addition to anchoring daily programs and breaking news specials on FNC and FBN, Cavuto oversees business news content for both networks and FNC's weekend business shows, including Bulls & Bears, Forbes on Fox, and Cashin' In. Click here for more on Neil Cavuto.