Girl, 12, Allowed to Live With Boyfriend Gets Pregnant

A 12-year-old girl who was allowed to live with her 15-year-old boyfriend is about to become one of Australia's youngest mothers.

The girl's mother allowed the couple to begin living together when the girl was just 11-years-old, and that's when the two started sharing a bed together.

When the girl's father — who does not live with her — complained several times to staff at the New South Wales Department of Community Services, they failed to do anything about the situation, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The girl's father discovered his daughter was pregnant in March when he gained custody of her.

Authorities said because the children were both under the age of consent, and the girl failed to make a complaint of sexual abuse when she was interviewed, they were unable to act.

The girl will be offered continuing counseling, parenting advice and educational services. A plan is also in place to provide care for the baby — when the child is born later this year.

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