Five People Miraculously Survive Plane's Head-On Collision With SUV

Five people are lucky to be alive after a freak head-on crash involving a plane and a four-wheel-drive vehicle in South Africa.

The light aircraft had just taken off when it plunged down towards a secluded road near Krugersdorp Airport, west of Johannesburg.

The Ford SUV, carrying three people, was travelling in the opposite direction when the two-seater Piper Cherokee crashed into it before bursting into flames, South African newspaper The Times reports.

Amazingly, no one was killed in the crash.

Pictures from the scene show the Piper demolished and burning, while only the engine bay of the car appeared to be damaged.

Pilot John Thompson and George Carney, who were trapped inside the burning aircraft for some time, were taken to the hospital. They are both recovering from "serious" injuries, Thompson's son told The Times.

Tony van Aswegen, who was sitting in the back of the car, was thrown onto the road but escaped injury.

Monica Braganca and Anna Vaulina, who were also inside the vehicle, were treated for shock at the scene.

Vaulina, who watched the plane dive down towards the road, reportedly said she thought she was done for.

"I was thinking we were going to die, not one ounce of me thought I was going to survive. It felt like in a movie," she said.

"I couldn't say anything, no one was screaming. I just thought it was the end, I'd never be lucky enough to escape it.

"The scary part was seeing the faces of the pilots looking straight at us."

Braganca, who was driving the Ford, said she was lucky that the vehicle was sturdy.

"We saw the plane coming down, I honestly didn’t think it would crash and it would pull up," she said.

"When it hit the ground, I just closed my eyes and kept my foot on the brakes and braced myself. We pretty much saw it coming."

The crash happened on Sunday afternoon.

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