Obama's Reversal on Terrorist Miranda Rights

A quick trip around Hannity's America...

You Have the Right?

One day after the very first detainee from Guantanamo Bay was transferred to New York City to stand trial, we are now learning some shocking news thanks to The Weekly Standard.

According to Congressman Mike Rogers — who serves on the House Intelligence Committee — the Obama administration is now requiring FBI agents to read Miranda rights to captured terrorists. This is a complete 180-degree turn from previous statements made by the president recently on "60 Minutes:"


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Do these folks deserve Miranda rights? Do they deserve to be treated like a shoplifter down the block? Of course not.


"Of course not."

Somewhere along the line the president changed his mind, because now cold-blooded terrorists who target innocent civilians and murder our troops are being afforded the very same rights as petty criminals.

Not So Fast

Former Clinton White House insider Terry McAuliffe didn't make it past first base in Virginia's Democratic gubernatorial primary race. He was soundly defeated Tuesday night by Virginia state Senator Creigh Deeds, but McAuliffe managed to put a happy face on in his concession speech:



LIBERAL TRANSLATION: To all five of you: thanks so much.

MCAULIFFE: I promised you five months ago we would run a campaign — a positive campaign — based upon big, bold ideas.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: I've never been known for keeping promises.

MCAULIFFE: I talked about chicken waste a lot. But it's important. We got to get the agricultural waste out of the Chesapeake. We've got to begin to build wind farms and high-speed rail.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: You're telling me these aren't winning ideas?!?

MCAULIFFE: So as I stand here today — we brought a lot of big initiatives, but most importantly, I want to thank you for your blood, sweat and tears on his campaign.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: We came in 24 points behind a guy with no name recognition. Good work!


Nice try, Terry, and better luck next time.

Living Large

Despite the promises of the Obama administration, the national unemployment rate continues to climb. But there is one city that has been miraculously shielded from the rest of the nation's growing unemployment lines: Washington, D.C.

According to The Wall Street Journal, unemployment in the nation's capital actually fell last month. National unemployment rose to an astonishing 9.4 percent, but in D.C. it dropped to 5.6 percent.

So if you're out of work, you may want to give the president a call. This administration will probably have a job for you.

No Respect

Media Mash is brought to you by former CNN host D.L. Hughley.

During a recent appearance on HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher," the comedian turned TV commentator went on an absolutely insane, ridiculous tirade about the presidency of Ronald Reagan:


D.L. HUGHLEY, COMEDIAN: I didn't love Ronald Reagan.

BILL MAHER, HOST, 'REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER': I didn't either. I don't get why he is thought to be —

HUGHLEY: And I'll tell you why. It's a matter of perspective. You didn't see — and mark me, I grew up in Los Angeles in the inner city. You never saw drugs or drive-bys or homeless people, anything like that. All the social programs that were cut as a result of Reagan coming into office. And greed just became a hobby — really, you never saw a drug or drive-by, you never even saw homeless people.

I remember watching — and I was a kid — watching them say people in America who are homeless are homeless because they want to be. That seemed to be one of the most — and I was kid and I knew how cruel that was. Like that to me made greedy white men feel good about being greedy white men.

He was the kind of Moses of leading them into feeling good about being greedy white men.


Now I have heard it all: Crime never existed in Los Angeles before Ronald Reagan became president.

Oh and by the way, Mr. Hughley, according to the FBI, the murder rate in Los Angeles actually declined by more than 6 percent during the Reagan administration.

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