Heroin Addict Claims He Was Offered Free Pizza for Burning Down Rival Pizzeria

An Austrialian heroin addict was promised free pizza for life in return for burning down a rival's pizzeria, a court heard.

Frank John Foschini, 35, torched a Papa John's pizzeria in Clayton, Australia, four years ago, dousing it in gasoline and setting off an explosion that blew him off his feet as he fled the scene.

But the County Court heard Foschini, the brother of former soccer player Silvio Foschini, pocketed $800 from a restaurant owner who also offered him free pizza for eliminating his competitor.

Foschini had no beef with Papa John's owner John Yakub, whom he had never met, but accepted the job to finance his heroin habit.

On July 31, 2005, he put on overalls, gloves and a mask and broke into the shop pouring gas around the restaurant before lighting it with a match. The explosion knocked down a brick wall and sent Foschini flying as he ran to his car behind the restaurant.

The court heard that Foschini was such a talented footballer he was considered likely to surpass his brother's AFL success, but drug addiction ruined his career.

Foschini, a father of one, has been getting treatment for his addiction and is starting to get his life back on track after a 20-year battle.

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