Benjamin Franklin's 'Poor Richard' Almanac Sells for $557G at Auction

A rare copy of Benjamin Franklin's "Poor Richard" almanac has made somebody rich — selling at a New York City auction for more than half a million dollars. It's the second highest price ever paid for a book printed in America.

The Sotheby's auction house says the 1733 book sold for $556,500 on Tuesday to an anonymous bidder. The almanac's presale estimate was $150,000.

The book was discovered recently at the local historical society in Berwick, Pa., a town of 10,000 residents north of Philadelphia.

Sotheby's written Americana expert Selby Kiffer says it's one of three known copies of the Franklin classic from 1733. He says he thought it was a facsimile until the binding proved to be original.

Sotheby's says it sold George Washington's copy of the Federalist Papers for $1.4 million in 1990.