Airlines Cut Back on Spoons to Save on Fuel

Passengers planning on flying the friendly skies may no longer be able to enjoy such "luxuries" as eating with a spoon or reading an in-flight magazine, according to the International Air Transport Association.

In an effort to cut back on fuel, Northwest Airlines has excluded spoons from its cutlery pack in some in-flight meals when they aren't essential, and many companies are putting digital versions of duty-free catalogues onto seatback TVs so they can nix in-flight magazines entirely, the London Telegraph reported.

The concept is that by carrying a lighter load — and apparently those spoons can add up — the airlines will save money on fuel and reduce carbon emissions.

"Airlines are going through what they put on a plane. They are now saying that if we are only carrying 100 passengers, then only load what they need," Paul Steele, director of the environment at IATA, told the Telegraph.

Other changes include cuts to bottled and tank water and changes in the materials used to build plane seats and the in-flight TVs, the Telegraph reported.

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