Sotomayor Breaks Ankle & White House Asked About Controversial Speeches

Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor broke her right ankle Monday morning at New York's LaGuardia Airport just before making a flight to Washington where she would keep her appointments with senators on Capitol Hill.

The accident forced her to get medical attention soon after she landed. A White House official said an x-ray revealed a small fracture in her right ankle.

In the afternoon, Sotomayor was seen navigating the halls of Congress on crutches where she had meetings with six senators in advance of her yet-to-be scheduled confirmation hearings this summer. At one of those stops she was asked how she was doing and through her smile said "I'm feeling fine, thanks."

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said he would sign Sotomayor's cast if given the chance and likes the idea that she should have senators do the same.

But Gibbs was also asked about the substantive concerns some people have with the multiple speeches Sotomayor has given over the past decade saying she hopes a wise Latina woman would reach a better legal conclusion than a white male.

The White House has previously said her word choice in a now well-known 2001 speech at Cal-Berkeley Law School was poor—a sentiment echoed by senators with whom she has met—but today's questions were directed to her repeated use of this theme. Gibbs said "if you go back and look at each of the instances, I think the overall theme is that experiences and background matter."