E3 Expo Report: Nintendo's 'Wow' Becomes 'What?'

Last summer, I took on a 30-day "Wii Fit" challenge on Fox and Friends. I lost 10 pounds, even though I regularly complained to my co-hosts how sore I was.

Now I can do it all over again with Nintendo's brand-new "Wii Fit Plus," announced Tuesday at the E3 gaming expo.

"Wii Fit Plus" introduces 15 new balance games, including a booty-shaking dance routine which I'll be sure to try out with the shades drawn. Go ahead and sweat your way through six new strength and yoga exercises.

Fitness enthusiasts complained that the original "Wii Fit" lacked the sweat-induced experience of a true hardcore workout (author's note: I didn't).

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Nintendo was listening, so it's changed the lag time between workouts. With "Wii Fit Plus," you can build a custom workout and start a new exercise within seconds instead of minutes.

Don't worry about shelling out big bucks for a new Wii balance board — the new game will be sold separately. For those who have yet to join the fitness fray, you can also buy a bundled version of the game together with the balance board.

"Wii Fit Plus" is a good addition to the Wii line-up, but it's hard to follow Microsoft's game-changing "Project Natal" announcement from Monday, not to mention an appearance by the remaining two Beatles who announced their new "Beatles: Rock Band" game.

I was hoping for a big "wow" from Nintendo — after all, it pioneered this motion-control gaming experience with the "Wiimote."

Instead of a "wow," I received a "what?"

The Japanese company had me scratching my head with another announcement: the Wii Vitality Sensor.

Sound strange? You bet it is. Vitality is a small pulse sensor that clips onto the player's finger and connects to the Wii controller to measure the user's heart rate. Nintendo thinks this technology will help users create a more immersive experience during gameplay.

I don't know that I need to feel my pulse during Mario's next adventure. But if they want to add an electric shock to get me off the couch and back on the Wii balance board, I'd be game for that.

In the meantime, I guess I should put down the burger and fries.