High Schooler Falls With Noose Around Neck During Mock Crime Scene

An Australian high school student fell from a table with a rope noose around his neck during a mock-up crime scene in an English lesson.

Education Queenslandassistant director-general Lyn McKenzie Tuesday described the incident as "a very very serious matter" and one that would be fully investigated. "We'll (also) be reviewing any practices that we have within schools," she said.

She said ninth-grade students at the school, under the supervision of a teacher, were photographing the staged crime as part of an English unit.

When the boy fell students and teachers rushed to his assistance and cut the rope.

"An ambulance was called as was the student's mother," McKenzie said.

"He was examined by ambulance officers on site and was allowed to go home with his mother."

Two separate investigationswill look into the incident.

Education Minister Geoff Wilson said students have received counseling, and the government will now turn its attention to two investigations being conducted by Education Queensland and Workplace Health and Safety.

"It beggars belief that such an incident could take place," he told ABC radio.

"We want to find out how it took place, so that whatever action needs to be taken, can be taken, to ensure such an incident can never (happen) again."

Television reports claimed the boy had turned blue before he was cut free, with one student interviewed saying a the boy had a "big red line" across his throat.

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