Woman Says Frog's Croaking Killed Husband

A woman from New South Wales, Australia, claims a loud, croaking frog in her neighbor's pond caused her husband's death — and she fears she may be next.

Giselle Bertozza believes her 72-year-old husband was driven to an early grave from the stress caused by years of sleepless nights.

Bertozza said the sleep deprivation ultimately ruined his health and he died of cancer.

"It's like a tap dripping, except you can't turn it off," she said.

The frogs, which come and go in the pond, have become the flash point of a neighborhood feud that began, innocently enough, over the color of a new fence eight years ago.

Since then, the Bertozzas have accused the Carr family of embarking on a "noise campaign" to make their lives miserable.

The Carrs, who have no intention of removing the pond, claim Bertozza is a "vexatious complainer."

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