Scientists Say New 'Tomato in a Pill' May Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Scientists say they have found a way to put the antioxidants from the skin of ripe tomatoes into a pill, which would slash cholesterol levels.

The new pill, called Ateronon, has been developed by Cambridge Theranostics Ltd., a subsidiary of Cambridge University in London. The pill could be on sale as early as July.

Ateronon was launched at the conference of the British Cardiovascular Society in London. "This has the potential to affect everybody. We are very excited about it," chief executive Gunter Schmidt said.

Ripe tomato skins contain a substance called lycopene, which is thought to protect against cancer, heart disease and strokes. Ateronon is developed from lycopene and contains other compounds found in natural foods.

The manufacturers claim that in tests on 150 people suffering from heart disease, it appeared effective on all of them.

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