Dead Birds Rain From Sky in Western Australia

The sky in Western Australia is raining dead birds in what is becoming a regular, and mysterious, event for the region.

More than 200 ibises, ravens, ducks, gulls and a pelican were found dead or convulsing near Perth, raising fears of a mass poisoning.

The discovery comes less than a year after the mystery deaths of 200 gulls only a few miles away, and two years after thousands of birds fell from the skies over the coastal town of Esperance after being poisoned by lead carbonate.

The latest poisoning has been caused by the the pesticide Fenthion, which is used both for domestic and industrial purposes and which is known to be highly toxic to birds.

The Australian Department of Environment and Conservation has opened an investigation into whether it was a deliberate bird poisoning or caused by someone dumping large quantites of the pesticide.

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