The allegations of child exploitation against “Jon & Kate Plus 8” stars Jon and Kate Gosselin are growing in number, with family members and former employees coming forward to criticize the famous parents.

In exclusive interview with FOX News’ Geraldo Rivera, Angela Krall, a former home-care nurse for the family, said she was concerned for the welfare of the children because they “spend a good deal of their [lives] in front of the camera,” and feared what kind of impact that may have on the eight children later.

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“I feel sorry for them that it’s come to this,” Krall told Rivera. “I considered Kate a friend when I was there, and they were a very typical family when I was there, [but] it has taken a dramatic turn in the last six months to a year. Maybe it should be the end of it if it’s going to come to this.”

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While she would not confirm the reports of Jon’s adultery, she said it was “definitely plausible.”

In an appearance on the “Today Show” last week, Kate’s sister-in-law Jodi Kreider said that while the first season was about eight episodes, the Gosselins quickly asked for more, now filming up to 40 episodes every six months. She also expressed concern on the that there were cameras present in the children’s bedrooms at one point.

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Meanwhile, child advocate Wendy Murphy told FOX News' Megyn Kelly that child labor laws in Pennsylvania, written before reality television existed, probably did not have a clause to protect children in this type of situation. State authorities are investigating whether or not TLC producers and the Gosselins are doing enough to protect the children from exploitation.

Murphy said that according to sources close to the family, the children are beginning to articulate their feelings of discomfort at the presence of the cameras, which she argued could help a case to shut down filming.

“The good news is when a government agency gets involved, they’re going to say ‘We don’t care if the parents like the money they’re making [about $50-75G per episode], what we have to be concerned about is these children,’” Murphy said.

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Murphy criticized the show not only for showing the children in intimate settings including while “sobbing, crying, in the bathroom in the shower,” but also for chronicling the demise of their parents' relationship on screen.

“Do you think these kids really need to watch stories they’re now old enough to understand?" Murph said. "People in the neighborhood are going tell them, ‘Daddy’s down the street shacking up with some young chickie!’ Do you think these kids are going to do well hearing that sort of stuff? I don’t think so!”