Latvia to Cure Recession Blues With Parade of Blondes

Beautiful blondes are said to brighten the dullest occasion — and now they are rallying to fight off economic gloom.

Under the banner "Make the World a Brighter Place," 2,000 blondes — led by blonde cheerleaders and an orchestra of blondes — are to parade through Riga, the capital of Latvia, one of the countries hardest hit by the financial crisis.

"People need positive emotions and I hope this event will cheer them up," said the organizer, Marika Gederte, of the Latvian Blondes Association.

No discrimination is involved, the group insists: Brunettes and women of other hair colors are invited to join the parade — behind the blondes.

The Blonde Parade through Riga Sunday is part of a Go Blonde weekend in Latvia. There will be a ball with prizes for, among others, the best blonde lawyer, journalist and politician, and a blonde tennis tournament and blonde golf contest, with lessons for beginners.

Funds will be collected to build children's playgrounds throughout the country.

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