Australian Thief Riddled With Guilt Returns $10G in Cash

A thief who stole more than $10,000 from an Australian butcher has returned most of the money a week later because he felt guilty about the crime.

Butcher Mark Bollinghaus, who owns the Albury-Wodonga Haus of Meat chain, said he could not believe it when 90 percent of the cash accompanied by a "nice typed note addressed to me'' was slipped under the door of his Albury store.

"The story of the theft was on the local TV and local paper and I think the pressure — maybe from friends and relatives — and guilt may have been too much,'' Bollinghaus said.

"In the note he said he was sorry, he did it for a bit of a rush and wrongly thought we were insured. It felt like Christmas, it was a total shock."

Despite his attempt at redemption, the thief, believed to be in his 20s, was caught by a security camera leaving a shopping mall.

He used a key to get into the store and smashed open a safe and stole the money on Sunday, May 17.

The money was returned to the Albury store on Tuesday.

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