U.K. Mother Faces Year in Dubai Prison After Husband Says She Was Cheating

A British mother is facing a year in prison after her husband informed Dubai police she was committing adultery on their territory.

Sally Antia, 43, was arrested as she left a Dubai hotel with her lover.

Appearing in a Dubai court on Sunday, Antia confessed to the charge of adultery and admitted that she had paid to fly her lover from the U.K. to the United Arab Emirates. The 44-year-old man denied the charge.

The pair have had their passports confiscated and are banned from leaving the country.

It is understood that Antia’s husband Vincent, 48, also believed to be British, informed police of his suspicions earlier this month.

Adultery is illegal in the United Arab Emirates, and punishable by jail or deportation. Earlier this year, another British woman, Marnie Pearce, served a three-month prison sentence and lost custody of her two sons after cheating on her Egyptian ex-husband while living in Dubai.

The Antias, originally from Merseyside, have been married for 14 years. The couple had been living in Dubai, where Sally Antia is believed to have worked for a corporate entertainment firm, for more than a decade.

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