5 Outrageous Do-It-Yourself Surgeries

A quick-thinking doctor saved the life of an Australian teenager by boring a hole into his skull with a household drill.

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But if that's not enough to gross you out, read on for more outrageous do-it-yourself surgeries:

1.) In 1998, Victor Yazykov was alone in the middle of the ocean, halfway through an around-the-world yachting race when his elbow turned red, then yellow, then white.

Undeterred, he stripped near-naked in his cabin and set about draining the abscess himself, aided by a 13-step guide sent by e-mail from a doctor on the other side of the world.

Having saved his arm, and possibly his life, he sailed on to Cape Town where he finished 10th in the race.

2.) If you want something done right, do it yourself… At least, that’s what family doctor Jonathan Heatley must have been thinking when he carried out his own vasectomy in 2001, in an attempt to prove to men that the operation was nothing to be feared.

He went back to work the next day and, apparently, was riding his bicycle again within 48 hours of the operation.

“It made me sweat a bit,” he admitted. “My real worry was making sure I was properly numbed.”

3.) When, in 2001, doctors surgically realigned 20-year-old Stuart Young’s face, they did it using $23 worth of titanium and stainless steel nuts and bolts from the store B&Q.

Young was born with congenital condition called Apert syndrome, which left him needing an operation to release the bones in his skull.

Leading surgeon David Koppel explained that, rather that spend lots of money on less than perfect equipment, he had taken a trolley down the aisles of B&Q to construct something better himself.

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