Graphic Safe-Sex Video Shocks With Image of Teen Giving Birth on Playground

A film clip made for the UK's National Health Service has drawn criticism for its graphic depiction of a schoolgirl giving birth in a playground while being watched by students.

The film's shocking content resulted in it being pulled from video-sharing Web site YouTube, but it has since reappeared on the site in several forms.

The video clip was made for the NHS in a bid to cut the rising number of teenage pregnancies across the UK, and appears to show real footage shot on a mobile phone.

Shocked viewers responded strongly to the playground birth video, and comments included "pretty sick."

Tim Rideout, chief executive of NHS Leicester City, told UK Web site "We know this film is hard-hitting but so are the numbers of under-18s getting pregnant in Leicester (England).

"Nearly half the city's wards are classed as teen pregnancy hotspots," he said.

He said that traditional marketing, such as leaflets and posters, did not get the teenage sex and pregnancy message across to the target demographic.

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