Woman Fights to Have Comatose Son Euthanized

An Australian woman would like doctors to administer a fatal dose of morphine to her comatose son.

Joanne Dunn wants her son to die in her arms. Mark Leigep, 34, has been in a vegetative state for more than three years.

"Mark isn't coming back," Dunn said. "He's my baby and they should let my baby go."

Euthanasia is illegal in South Australia and Leigep's situation has sparked a right-to-life debate.

Leigep, who has a 7-year-old daughter named Kaitlyn, suffered major head injuries in a car crash in Elizabeth, South Australia in 2006.

Health Minister John Hill this month urged families to have "serious debate" about the services terminally ill people want and need in the "last days of their lives" -- but did not advocate euthanasia.

Doctors removed Leigep's feeding tube twice in 2006, but it was replaced following family disagreements that year.

The tube was then removed by doctors again in the same year, but the Royal Adelaide Hospital administration ordered the tube be replaced.

Dunn sought legal help end her son's life about June 2006, but her oldest son Brian was Mark's guardian and wanted to keep him alive.

Brian has now changed his mind and also wants Mark to die peacefully.

"You do cling on to them because you love them and you want to give them any chance possible," he said. "But they don't wake up. This is not life anymore."

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