A businesswoman is set to become Britain’s oldest mother at the age of 66 when she gives birth next month.

Elizabeth Munro will beat the previous British record for having a baby, held by Patricia Rashbrook, who became a mother at age 62. Munro reportedly underwent in vitro fertilization with donor eggs to become pregnant.

The news of Munro’s pregnancy reignited medical debate on the issue of how old is too old to have a baby.

The man considered one of Britain's fiercest proponents of a woman’s right to have a baby at any age spoke out against the pregnancy. Professor Severino Antinori, who treated Rashbrook and has pioneered the IVF techniques used to impregnate older women, said Munro, who will be 67 in July, is too old.

“I am shocked by the idea of a 66-year-old woman giving birth,” he said. “I respect the choice medically but I think anything over 63 is risky because you cannot guarantee the child will have a loving mother or family."

Munro, who is believed to have no other children, is set to have her baby by Caesarean section at an unnamed hospital next month. She was given her IVF treatment at a clinic in Ukraine.

“Ukraine is one of the worst places; they don’t do tests there," said Antinori, who claims to have treated 3,000 women aged from 49 to 63 with IVF. "They’re pretty adventurous, to say the least.”

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