Air New Zealand Employees Strip in New Ad Campaign

Air New Zealand cabin crew have stripped off for a raunchy new advertisement where they carry out their duties wearing nothing more than body paint.

More than 90 Air New Zealand staff members are featured in the campaign, with eight donning only body paint. Chief Executive Rob Fyfe also took part in the ad, and was crowned New Zealand’s sexiest businessman as a result.

In the advertisement passengers are shown smiling knowingly and looking shocked at the body-painted staff, while a song appropriately titled “Under my skin,” by New Zealand singer Gin Wigmore, plays.

“I do love a man in uniform,” one female passenger says to her companion as two body-painted crew members walk past.

Parts of the body-painted crew are blocked by the beverage cart and luggage, but the shocked and surprised look on the passengers' faces says it all.

"I feel naked,” one staff member said of appearing body-painted in the ad.

“This is the most extreme thing I’ve ever done,” another staff member said.

The advertisement was created to promote the airline’s fares, which "have nothing to hide" — there are no extra fees for things like in-flight drinks or checking in. It is designed to differentiate Air New Zealand from their competitors.

The advertisement began screening in New Zealand on Monday.

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