Rare Disease Lets Woman Memorize Any Song, in Any Language, Within Minutes

Gloria Lenhoff has a rare genetic condition known as Williams syndrome, which causes medical problems and developmental delays.

But it also let's her memorize any song, in any language, within minutes.

For Lenhoff, 54, it means an IQ of 55 and the gift of music – she can hear a song once and memorize it within minutes, which she has done with more than 2,000 songs, the Kentucky State-Journal reported.

Her pitch is perfect and she can sing in 30 languages.

“Williams Syndrome people can’t help who they are, but they can do anything,” Lenhoff told the newspaper. “And I can do anything, because I want to keep my mind to it, and I don’t want to give anything up for the world.”

Williams syndrome affects about 1 in 7,500. Medical problems can range from heart problems, dental abnormalities, hernias and musculoskeletal problems, to name a few.

Although Lenhoff has difficulty moving her arm, she can still play the electric keyboard, piano and accordion.

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