Missing Ohio Teen Kept Hit List, Threatened Teachers, Police Say

A missing 13-year-old boy from Ohio, who authorities say kept a diary hit list and threatened several faculty members and students at his school, was traced making a phone call from Kentucky, the Norwalk Reflector reported.

Police haven't yet been able to track Calvin Riley down, but authorities told the newspaper they believe the call was made from a pay phone in Kenyton County, Ky.

The teen made threats against 31 students and teachers at Norwalk Catholic School, where he is a seventh grader, sources told the Reflector.

Police contacted all of those mentioned.

"We’re concerned with ... Calvin’s safety," along with the safety of everyone else involved, said Capt. Ted Patrick of the Huron County Sheriff’s office.

Norwalk Catholic School President Walter Klimaski told FOX8 in Cleveland that police believe Riley is somewhere between Cincinnati and Louisville, Ky.

Riley's mother reported her son missing to police Tuesday night, because he hasn't come home from school.

Police said Wednesday that a .22 caliber rifle is believed to be missing from the boy's home and a white 2003 Chevrolet 4x4 pickup truck owned by a neighbor is gone, FOX8 reported. They suspect both are with the teen.

"We’ve exhausted most of the leads from this area," Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard told the Reflector. "We believe he’s out of state. That’s why we’ve turned to the FBI and the Kentucky authorities."

As a safety precaution, Norwalk Catholic School canceled Wednesday classes for the 760 students at a complex that includes its elementary, junior and senior high school and early child education program.

Riley was last seen wearing tan pants, a white shirt and carrying a red duffle bag, FOX8 reported.

Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard warned the public not to approach the boy and contact authorities at (419) 663-2828 if they spot him.

Classes at the Norwalk Catholic School are expected to resume Thursday, FOX8 reported.

Riley lives in the Norwalk suburb of Bronson Township; Norwalk is about 50 miles west of Cleveland.

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