Lebanon Charges Six More in Growing Israeli Spy Probe

Six Lebanese suspects were charged Wednesday with spying for Israel, judicial sources said, joining six other nationals formally accused in a widening investigation into allegations of espionage for the Jewish state.

Up to 25 suspects were being held in the probe, Reuters reported.

A senior police officer, his wife and sister were among the six charged Wednesday with crimes that included supplying Israel with information to help its military in a 2006 war with Hezbollah, Reuters reported.

A retired general, his wife and nephew were charged last month.

Earlier in the week, Lebanese police displayed high-tech gadgets that they alleged were used by Israel to spy on Hezbollah.

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The equipment allegedly was seized from Palestinians and Lebanese nationals along with forged Lebanese passports and job application forms in the latest episode of the long-running espionage battle between the two countries.

"Based on the investigation, it appears that their basic logistics mission focused on defining locations, targets, buildings and outposts as demanded by the enemy intelligence," a police officer told reporters as he displayed the captured items at police headquarters.

The suspected spies also were asked to monitor specific people and strategic targets and to conduct a wide-scale survey of many areas in Lebanon and Syria by using highly sophisticated surveying equipment, the officer said, refusing to be identified by name in line with government regulations.

Israeli had not commented on the arrests.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.