British Police Force Urges Residents to Report People Wearing 'Too Much Bling'

Walking down the street wearing way too much jewelry might spur a call to the fashion police, but law enforcement in one British city is encouraging people to take it a step further and call Crimestoppers to report over-accessorized offenders.

The "Too Much Bling? Give Us a Ring" campaign is the latest initiative by Gloucestershire police to lower the crime rate by cracking down on criminals who live in the lap of luxury as result of their crimes, the Daily Mail reported.

The police also urge residents to report anyone seemingly driving cars or buying items they shouldn't be able to afford amid a credit crunch.

"In the current time of financial uncertainty, those who live a lavish lifestyle with no discernable, legitimate income become even more apparent," Gloucestershire's Chief constable Dr. Timothy Brain told the Mail.

Tory Member of Parliament and former Home Secretary Ann Widdecombe recommended a different tactic.

"Is this a joke? If the police spent half as much time tackling crime and getting out on the beat as they do coming out with this ridiculous stuff, we'd all be better off," Widdecombe told the Mail.

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