Artificial 'Window' Restores Woman's Sight After 46 Years

For 46 years, Jenny O’Connell couldn’t see the world around her.

But this week, surgeons at a Dublin hospital restored her vision by performing a procedure known as Boston keratoprosthesis, the Irish Times reported.

William Power, O’Connell’s ophthalmologist, told the newspaper that he basically put “an artificial plastic window” into O’Connell’s cornea four weeks ago, covering it with a flap of skin. He removed the skin Tuesday, and O’Connell was able to see her husband and children.

Incidentally, O’Connell’s husband, Sean, is also blind, due to diabetes complications.

“What a shock,” said O’Connell, of Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin in Ireland, who lost her sight at the age of 11, when a bad reaction to medicine caused her to get Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

“I just can’t believe it actually happened . . . it’s all my dreams together, but at the same time I wasn’t hoping for it, you know I was afraid to.”

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