Truth Be Told

Why can't the government just be honest with us?

There are a lot of powerful people in government that just don't want us to know the connection to ACORN and the powerful SEIU. So the media shifts the attention to the left-right issue.

The health care industry told the president on Monday that they can save $2 trillion just by being more efficient. Well, if we were being honest, wouldn't the president say, "Well, why don't you just be more efficient now?"

Then there is the doing away of global warming and cap and trade. All that language is gone. Democrats now are re-branding it so that it's less confusing to voters.

We're not confused. We're being lied to. We're being scared. We're being bribed, while somebody in our government is growing the state to fit their progressive ideals.

They're doing anything they can do and not the one thing that they should do and that is: Tell us the truth. That is the change America has been hoping for. What will become of our society when we can't look each other in the eye and just say what we mean and mean what we say?

We risk losing the good parts from the America that our grandparents lived in and built. And we risk getting the bad parts from the countries that our great grandparents left and that is the sad truth.

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