Obsessed Cyber-War Fan Gets Life in Stabbing Murder of Student

A German cyber-war fan was jailed for life Monday for flying to Britain to stab a student 86 times after he became obsessed with his girlfriend.

David Heiss slept behind an air-conditioning unit on the roof of the apartment Matthew Pyke shared with Joanna Witton before launching his jealous attack the next morning.

He watched Witton leave for work and then forced his way into the apartment in Nottingham, before carrying out the "savage and sustained" assault.

But as Pyke lay dying he managed to write DAV — the first three letters of the defendant's name - in his own blood on the side of his computer, leading police in the right direction.

Heiss, 21, had become obsessed with Witton after meeting her through a war gaming Web site the couple ran from their apartment.

The jury heard how Heiss traveled to England twice to see her before returning for the fatal visit in September last year. In June, the couple had confronted Heiss, telling him that he "crept them out" and blocking him from their Web site.

In an e-mail to Pyke in the days before the murder, Heiss wrote: "There’s something I would like to give to you. I am not going to say what it is though. You will love it. But to me, it’s of no use. I can’t send it via the mail though."

Prosecutor Shaun Smith said Heiss was referring to a knife.

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